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technical animation

Creston has over 26 years of 3D animation experience in multiple industries that include; architecture, product visualization, engineering, medical, mechanics, physics, legal demonstrative evidence, and advertising.  
Although technical animation has been Creston’s specialty for the last 15 years, he proclaims to be a generalist which allows him to easily understand and communicate the many different concepts and ideas that he animates. His knowledge, experience, also allow Creston to be a bridge between highly technical people and highly creative people.

If you have an idea, Creston can make it come to life with powerful visuals.




Creston is also an accomplished team leader and project manager with demonstrated success in 3D animation. He leads animation teams to help companies increase their proposal approval rates with their clients and investors, which drives revenue growth. Creston has a strong passion to
  mcreate animations that simplify, teach, and illustrate complex ideas, processes, procedures, events, mechanics, and physics. Creston also has a strong passion for user-centered design, product development, innovation, and cutting edge technologies.
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