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3D modeling and animation:



Some projects may appear
in several categories
due to their content.

3 in 1:
When Tricon began experimenting with their combination restaurants, they asked me to visualize one of them appearing

KFC 3 in 1 store blueprint
KFC 3 in 1 store growing out of blueprint
through the blueprints for their annual corporate conference.
KFC 3 in 1 store
dock house:
A quick visualization of a dock and its tackle shack was requested for this landscape architecture project.
dock house with lake dock house with lake
  dock house with lake
corporate decor:
Tricon needed to see what their designer was proposing for their corporate office interior and exterior decor.
Tricon corporate HQ exterior
Tricon corporate HQ interior hallway
Tricon corporate HQ atrium
Tricon corporate HQ exterior
land development:
A zoning attorney called me to animate a fly-through of a new real estate development.
real estate development elevated view
real estate development
real estate development
real estate development overhead view

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