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3D modeling and animation:



Some projects may appear
in several categories
due to their content.

nothing stops a trane:
Trane Air Conditioning needed a commercial to emphasize their "Nothing stops a Trane" slogan. I built and animated

Trane AC character in the desert
Trane AC character in the snow
one of their  products and showed hit overcoming all types of weather.  
healthy body:
To promote healthy living, a hospital needed an animation showing physical exercise and having a physical

treadmill blood pressure cuff and gauge
talking lamps:
When Civitan International wanted a video to entice the younger generation to be a part of Junior Civitan, they wanted to have some creative ideas. I animated two lamps talking on a dance floor. Their motions had the shy and awkward feel of a 13 year old boy and girl.
dancing desk lamps
tire story:
This commercial is a mix of video footage and composited animation. There were several camera angles and the man has verbal and eye contact interaction with the tire characters.

wide shot of tires talking with interviewer
medium shot of interviewer talking to tire
close up of talking tire
close up of old tire
  final shot with interviewer posing with happy tires
hand trasplant:
When the world's first hand transplant was performed, The hand surgery specialists needed great technical animations to show the procedure. From the connecting of the bones to the connecting of the nerves under a microscope, I gave them what they needed.
hand transplant before attachment
hand tranplant after procedure
hand transplant attaching procedure
hand transplant incission scar
dancing peppers:
Hot dancing chilli peppers with fire and lava is sometimes necessary to attract a customer's attention.
dancing chili peppers with hot lava
apples to oranges:
One of my first professional animations still shows that when comparing apples to oranges, their is no comparison.
apple and orange characters
2D style:
This project required animating an already designed logo of three children in a 2D sketched style. In my 3D system I made all three children walk onto the screen as the logo builds.
2D boy character carrying UK
2D girl, boy, and baby with building logo
wide shot of 2D boy, girl, and baby
final shot of 2D character boy, girl, and baby with UK Children's Hospital logo
3 boxes:
This animation shows three boxes discussing their auto store pedigree. A great sense of emotion and character is seen from three simple cubes.
3 alternator boxes

bus accident:
This animation is the visualzation of a bus accident from the exterior and the interior points of view.

woman walking in front of bus woman sitting on bus
Louisville International Airport's symbol is a pegasus. This animation was part of their P.R. campaign for the opening of their dual runways.
pegasus on a runway
blind hill:
An accident occurring at night needed to be visualized for one of my legal clients. The spinning car caused brain damage to one of the occupants.

Night Auto Accident
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off the hood:
Sometimes even traveling at 15 miles per hour can cause serious injuries. This visualization of a legal case is one of those instances. The animation makes it clear how the brain injuries occurred.

Van Accident
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A bone fragment from a vertebrae causes particluates to enter the blood stream and clog the blood in the lungs leading to suffocation.

Neck Injury with bone fragment
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infant IV:
An infant is administered an I.V. for dehydration and it was installed incorrectly. My animation showed the
baby on exam table with IV
Baby with embolism due to incorrect IV
procedure and the outcome of the air embolism. Xray of baby's embolism

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