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3D modeling and animation:


Some projects may appear
in several categories
due to their content.

The industrial software company Revere, Inc. needed a trade show presentation with impact for their Immpower product of plant management software. With a tight deadline and a 12 minute script, the end result impressed them and their future clients.

Immpower control room
Immpower control room 2
Immpower logo
Industrial hatch
talking lamps:
When Civitan International wanted a video to entice the younger generation to be a part of Junior Civitan, they wanted to have some creative ideas. I animated two lamps talking on a dance floor. Their motions had the shy and awkward feel of a 13 year old boy and girl.
dancing desk lamps

nothing stops a trane:
Trane Air Conditioning needed a commercial to emphasize their "Nothing stops a Trane" slogan. I built and animated

Trane AC character in the desert Trane AC character in the snow
one of their  products and showed it overcoming all types of weather.

A large rolling wave was needed to show the introduction to a new theme park.
large curling 3D wave
corporate interiors:
Tricon needed to see what their designer was proposing for their corporate office interior.
Tricon corporate HQ atrium
Tricon corporate HQ hallway
stormy night:
A new weather radar is always a big deal for a TV station. This commercial included rain, lightening, and concentric glowing rings to simulate the radar's far reaching signal.
Digital Doppler radar on tower with lightening
land development:
A zoning attorney called me to animate a fly-through of a new real estate development.
real estate development
real estate development
hospital room:
This project was to animate a hospital's new renovations that show how comfortable their rooms are.
hospital room with mylar balloons hospital room with rocking chair
Animated Day Lillies and Tulips were requested for a spring time commercial. I loved the research and the level of detail requested.
day lillies tulips; red, purple, yellow
This animation shows the comparison of two pearls for a breast cancer awareness PSA.
two pearls; one small, one large

rainy night:
A stormy night was necessary for a weather commercial showing this high-rise building.
Blue Cross Blule Shield HQ

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