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3D modeling and animation:



Helping attorneys settle their cases faster, and helping them have larger settlements.
Technical Animation - making the complex easy to understand
3D animation allows the viewing of a process, event, medical procedure, and/or mechanical devices from varying points of view, including those that are not possible in any other way; such as from inside the human body or inside a machine. These exhibits can be played from a DVD, laptop computer, PowerPoint presentation, or iPad. High resolution prints can also be made from the visuals.

For over 22 years, Creston has been creating 3D animated graphics that are highly technical and precise for the legal, medical, engineering, design, and advertising industry. Over 88% of legal cases using Creston's exhibits have been won or settled out of court.

With an understanding of motion dynamics, physics, mechanics and other disciplines, Creston is able to create the visuals with the details necessary to illustrate your experts' analysis.

Great for illustrating cases involving:
 • auto, tractor-trailer, and motorcycle accidents
 • medical malpractice
 • wrongful death
 • defective products
 • slip and fall injuries, brain injuries
 • construction site accidents
 • negligence
 • explosions/burns
 • physics and ballistics

3D animation is not just for the huge legal cases anymore. Creston has even provided animations for budgets as small as $1,500. Whatever your budget, call or email to get a quote from Creston.

off the hood:
Sometimes even traveling at 6 miles per hour can cause serious injuries. This visualization of a legal case is one of those instances. The animation makes it clear how the brain injuries occurred.

Van Accident
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gastric bypass:
A gastric bypass surgery gone bad needed an animation with a timeline to show the problems.

gastric bypass demonstration
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printing press:
A screen press was involved in this accident. The animation first shows the actual press in operation to validate the accuracy of the scale and timing of the machine in the animation. This animation contains strong graphic visuals.

Printing Press
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This animation shows how a normal heart beat works, and how the heart beat of a heart with an Atrial Fibrilation works. This version has been shortened, but it shows the result of not enough Coumadin being taken to take care of the Atrial Fibrilation.

Atrial Fibrilation without enough Coumadin
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blind hill:
An accident occurring at night needed to be visualized for one of my legal clients. The spinning car caused brain damage to one of the occupants.

Night Auto Accident
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A bone fragment from a vertebrae causes particluates to enter the blood stream and clog the blood in the lungs leading to suffocation.

Neck Injury with bone fragment
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side hit:
This animation shows an elderly woman riding in the back seat suffering injuries from a car that failed to stop at a stop sign.
2 cars in a side collision
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bus accident:
This animation is the visualzation of a bus accident from the exterior and the interior points of view.

overhead view of bus in intersection woman walking in front of bus
woman on bus
infant IV:
An infant is administered an I.V. for dehydration and it was installed incorrectly. My animation showed the
procedure and the outcome of the air embolism.
IV bag and pole
baby on exam table with IV
IV thumb switch
baby's embolism due to incorrect IV
  Xray of baby's embolism

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