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3D modeling and animation:



Some projects may appear
in several categories
due to their content.

Civitan International needed an impactful treatment of their logo to show their care of the world.


earth with concentric rings
Civitan International logo
frontline KFC:
When KFC needed great graphics for their annual managers' conference, they called me to do a spoof on the NBC Dateline graphics to create "Frontline KFC."
KFC End of an Era title screen
Frontline KFC big logo intro
Frontline KFC Special Report title screen
Frontline KFC logo final image
An industrial software application needed to have an animated logo with a powerful ominous feel.
Immpower logo
digital doppler:
A new weather radar is always a big deal for a TV station. This commercial included rain, lightening, and concentric glowing rings to simulate the radar's far reaching signal.
Digital Doppler radar with lightening
news open:
This news open I created has live footage projected onto the sides of the tall letters as the logo comes together.
letters growing upward out of background camera pulls back to reveal logo
  final image of top story logo
A filmstrip emerges from the logo and overtakes the camera.
beginning of logo with filmstrip emerging
flimstrip makes another pass by camera
filmstrip swipes past camera
film strip goes into camera for transition
The visualization of a Castrol GTX engine oil bottle design and its labeling.
Catrol oil bottle
friday football:
An animated open for a Friday night football show.
Friday Football Special show logo


2D style:
This project required animating an already designed logo of three children in a 2D sketched style. In my 3D system I made all three children walk onto the screen as the logo builds.
2D boy character carrying UK
2D girl, boy, and baby with building logo
wide shot of 2D boy, girl, and baby
final shot of 2D character boy, girl, and baby with UK Children's Hospital logo
radar sphere:
WIS TV wanted to show their logo on their new radar atop a building.
WIS TV logo on radar sphere
A logo dripping water for a water park
Atlantis Water Park logo

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