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3D modeling and animation:



Some projects may appear
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hand trasplant:
When the world's first hand transplant was performed, The hand surgery specialists needed great technical animations to show the procedure. From the connecting of the bones to the connecting of the nerves under a microscope, I gave them what they needed.
Hand transplant pocedure before attachment
Hand transplant pocedure after attachment
Hand transplant pocedure before attaching
Hand transplant pocedure incission sca
This animation shows how a normal heart beat works, and how the heart beat of a heart with an Atrial Fibrilation works. This version has been shortened, but it shows the result of not enough Coumadin being taken to take care of the Atrial Fibrilation.

Atrial Fibrilation without enough Coumadin
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hospital EQ:
A renovated hospital had me animate some of the equipment of their new facility for a broadcast commercial.
MRI machine control booth
weights for exercise machine
MRI machine
blood pressure cuff and gauge
This animation showed how a brain is injured due to changing lateral forces. This was used as demonstrative evidence for a legal case.
above view of brain in skull
brain injury:
This animation was needed to show how brain damaged occurred after the head hit the concrete. The red area was damage in the recoil.
brain damage from fall brain damage from fall
A bone fragment from a vertebrae causes particluates to enter the blood stream and clog the blood in the lungs leading to suffocation.

Neck Injury with bone fragment
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infant IV:
An infant is administered an I.V. for dehydration and it was installed incorrectly. My animation showed the
procedure and the outcome of the air embolism.
IV bag and pole
baby on exam table with IV
IV thumb switch
baby with embolism due to improper IV
  Xray of baby's embolism

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