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3D modeling and animation:


Some projects may appear
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due to their content.

fire hydrant:
(American Cast Iron Pipe Company) needed a 3D animation to show the construction and features of their latest fire hydrant design. This animation showed the complete process of assembling the fire hydrant and how to repair the unit in the field.
ACIPCO fire hydrant cutaway
ACIPCO fire hydrant cutaway
ACIPCO fire hydrant cutaway
ACIPCO fire hydrant cutaway
When the head engineer of ACIPCO inspected my 3D work, he said that the main shaft needed more threads to be accurate. I said, "It has 137 threads." He looked puzzled, and replied, "You actually counted them?" I said, "You bet." He then replied with, "Ok, I've seen enough. Good work." I obviously have a passion for details and accuracy.
engine oil:
A fully functioning four cylinder gasoline engine was created in 3D for Valvoline to show how their Synpower Max oil can be used to increase the efficiency of older engines. For this project, I thoroughly enjoyed the researching of not only the construction of a 4 cylinder engine, but the
complete mechanics and
4 cylinder engine cutaway
4 cylindar engine pistons
4 cylinder engine cutaway with oil
4 cylinder engine with valves and spark explosion
function of all of the parts. I also wowed the advertising agency when they called Valvoline to question my animating the cylinders firing in a 1-3-4-2 sequence, and why the spark plugs were only firing on every other stroke. Valvoline reassured them that my research was correct and then gave them the same explanations that I had given them.
fiber optics:
The fiber optics component company U.S. Conec needed to show how their products work together by using animations on their website. From showing how an eight terminal coupling plate works to showing the exploded view of a connector, these animations show how easily their products are to use.
fiber optic coupling plate
fiber optic connector
fiber optic connectorfiber optic connector exploded view with labels
When AAF (American Air Filter) needed a demonstration of their new air filter, PerfectPleat, they came to me. The animation showed how the
AAF PerfectPleat filter under stress AAF PerfectPleat filter with airflow arrows
lasts three times longer than a conventional non-pleated filter, and how the pleats bounce back and continue to function properly even if the filter is crushed enough to tear the cardboard frame.
vehicle lift:
Easy Lift is an innovative company with an innovative product, and they wanted to show an animation of how easy it is to install one of their lifts in pre-existing concrete floors. Although the project involved animating their different products, the images above only shows the installation of one of their products.
Easy Lift vehicle lift
Easy Lift control panel installation
TV and computer:
A more photo-realistic rendition was requested for this broadcast spot for Atlanta's Best New Homes. In the 30 second spot, the TV
swiftly spins  
Photorealistic 3D TV Photorealistic 3D computer
and morphs into the computer to show that their television show is linked to their website.  
Louisville, Kentucky's NBC affiliate was proud of their new helicopter, so they wanted it modeled in 3D and use an animation of it sweeping quickly by the camera. They also wanted realism in its look and motion. I delivered.
palm pilot:
When a local production company needed to animate the screen to be used for the section titles of a KFC corporate conference keynote presentation, they called me in to get the job done. I built the Palm Pilot in 3D and animated it so that they could add the titles quickly during the edit.
3D Palm Pilot

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