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product design projects:
Creston has been designing, creating and building things ever since he can remember. "I thrive on creating user-centered designs."

"Rapid prototyping is exhilirating to me. I enjoy testing functional prototypes."

Creston enjoys working in all materials from wood, metal, plastic, paper, plaster, foamcore, fabric RTV molding, to virtual 3D space. "Each medium has its advantages and limits, and I enjoy exploring and finding new uses from them."

project scale:
From projects that are smaller than a coin to those that are as large as a building, Creston is not limited by any size project. He is also familiar with working in many different scales, from miniature models to full size prototypes.

Creston enjoys working in a wide variety of industries including; electronics, furniture, housewares, hardware, environments, industrial machines, sporting goods, visual effects, teaching, architecture, websites, and software.



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