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project: multi-functional desk

year: 1997

By observing and researching how people use their desks differently to perform specific tasks, I created a multifunctional desk that incorporates ergonomics and versatility in a user-centered design.

The desk has a large working area for laying out large projects with an ergonomic wrap-around workstation area. It's asymmetrical shape without any straight lines allows for rotating the desk to any degree for optimal positioning in its environment without appearing to be out of alignment. Part of the desks multi-functional design is to allow a variation of postures from standing to sitting while not having to change the work surface height.




The natural tree trunk legs are from felled trees and include Dogwood, Red Oak, and Poplar. The desk is completely assembled using sisal rope lashings. This includes the suspending of the lower platform and all of the cross bracing for the legs.

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