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project: scaletrees

year: 2001

To develop a line of realistic model trees for the professional model builder, architecture, special effects and hobby industries. Clients have ranged from musician Rod Stewart to Peter Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings series and the 2005 version of King Kong.

1) market research
2) prototype research
3) build prototypes
4) source manufacturers in China
5) develop manufacturing process and train factory workers in China
6) package design

model scenery image
The photo to the right shows me (in the teal shirt on the right) training the factory workers in China. Factory in China

scaletree armatures
The armature is the key to high realism in model trees. ScaleTree armatures are made of twisted wires with a flexible realistic bark texture coating.

ScaleTree Armatures  

scaletrees without foliage
For the modeler who wants to add variety in their foliage or blend our trees with other trees, we created this product that is ready to plant except for the foliage.

ScaleTrees without Foliage  

scaletrees complete
Most highly detailed model trees are only available in kit form. We changed that. The ScaleTree Complete is a large deciduous tree with high realism, and is ready to plant.

ScaleTrees Complete  

the first product to be released by BranchBunches are synthetic fibers used to create bushes, trees, and roots for model scenery.

BranchBunches branching material  
A close-up of the realistic ScaleTree armatures of twisted wires with its flexible realistic bark texture coating. armature detail  
The detail of branching with the BranchBunches before foliage has been added can be seen on one of the armatures to the right. branch detail

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